TOM Vehicle rental is the fastest growing mixed fleet provider with over 16,000 commercial vehicles including vans, HGV and trailers.

We support businesses like yours across the UK with fleet van rental, contract hire trucks and trailers, but our FleX flexible rental is our unique way to take the risk out of your enterprise.

Vans, HGV, trailers and cars are available on contract hire from many suppliers, but TOM offers many benefits:

  • One-stop-shop – You can hire a single vehicle or an entire mixed fleet including cars and 4x4s from one supplier. This reduces your inventory costs and saves you valuable time managing multiple suppliers.
  • Flexible rental – TOM FleX is the truly flexible rental service, so you can add to your fleet knowing that you are not tied to a fixed or minimum term and won’t be stung with an off-hire charge if you need to reduce your fleet.

So, whether you need a single HGV, a couple of trailers or fleet of vans, ask TOM about FleX for commercial vehicle flexible rental.

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