T.O.M. Ben Nevis Fundraising Climb

The team rallied at 6am at the Airdrie depot. The minibus journey was filled with apprehension, tiredness and vomit (#travelsicknessproblems). Immediately after they arrived the heavens opened but that did not dampen their spirits.

The first leg of the climb was exactly that...a climb. After an hour or two of regretting every step the path leveled out and the sun burst through the clouds. The team had unintentionally split into factions with the leaders at the front having a race and not letting anyone else know of this event. A few at the back made a wrong turn and some almost called for the air ambulance due to "severe cramp".

After a grueling 3-4 hours the team had made the summit. The cold and exhaustion was too much for the gang to 'dilly dally' and they gingerly made their way back down, fueled by a mirage of a cold pint at the pub followed by a warm bubble bath. Unluckily on the way down one of our colleagues beer/bath excitement got the better of them and they twisted their knee! However not even that stopped them.

Only a twisted knee, blisters, sunburn and cramp Team TOM conquered the biggest mountain in the UK!

Stay tuned to find out how much was raised for charity!