Welcome to T.O.M. Vehicle Rental Ltd

Established for more than 20 years, T.O.M. Vehicle Rental Ltd has grown to be one of the UK's most progressive businesses and fastest growing private employers. The core business function of vehicle rental is supported by the extensive range of services provided at T.O.M. Vehicle Rental locations and progressive, innovative thinking from our people. It is this and more that has made T.O.M. Vehicle Rental to become and be known as the 1 stop commercial vehicle shop.

Today, T.O.M. Vehicle Rental now has 5 sites in Scotland, Airdrie (West Coast), Broxburn (East Coast), Ayr (South West), Aberdeen (North East) & Nairn (Highlands). T.O.M. Vehicle Rental has recently ventured into England with 2 new sites in Manchester and Nottingham with further growth in 2015 to Yorkshire Leicester and London. Employing over 300 staff and operating a rental fleet of over 9,000 vehicles and fleet managing in excess of 12,000 T.O.M. Vehicle Rental has everything you need and more on offer and with commitments to invest in infrastracture and our people we ensure that we continue to deliver game-changing service quality.

Still retaining the core 'after sales' values from its origins, T.O.M. Vehicle Rental has Ford, Citroen and Mercedes authorised repairer status within the portfolio as well as diagnostic equipment for most mainstream manufacturer brands. Over 40 vehicle technicians on site and a mobile support fleet of vehicles which can cope with anything from a tyre puncture to recovering a truck on its side.

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